Welcome to CUSE CYCLE.



Bikes available and open docks.
Bikes available, but few open docks.
Open docks, but few bikes available.





Download the CUSE CYCLE app now.



Use the app the find the nearest bike station.


At the station, use the app to unlock your bike.


Rental rates are determined by your chosen plan and pricing.


To end your rental, securely return your bike at the nearest dock.

Rates and plans

We have a variety of plan options from hourly, daily to annual passes. Choose your rental plan through the CUSE CYCLE App.


You can checkout a bike by going to any station, which can be found through the "Find a Bike" tab. Once at a station, click on the "Checkout" button to see the bikes that are available near you. To checkout a bike, simply click on the lock icon with the number corresponding to the bike you want to rent and then follow the on screen instructions.

Before riding, please check over the bike to ensure that the brakes are working and that the seat is adjusted for your height. Finally, always remember to wear a helmet and have a great ride!

You can return your bike by locking it up at any available dock. Docks can be found by using the map on the "Find a Bike" page. To lock up the bike, move the front tire into the wheel guide. With the front tire in the wheel guide, move the bike forward so that the dock pin goes into the lock module on the fork of the bike.

Now that the bike is locked, your rental has ended. If your phone is not working or unavailable, the rental return time will reflect when you originally returned the bike at the station.

Stations colors are to help you know how many bikes / docks are at a station.

  • Green - The station is a great spot to rent or return a bike.
  • Red - The station is low or out of bikes but is a great spot to return a bike.
  • Blue - The station is low on racks but is a great spot to rent a bike.
  • Gray - The station is currently inactive.

All pricing is handled through riding plans. Upon account registration, you will be required to select a riding plan.